Ranged Weapons, or guns, are the second set of weapons available to players. Guns differ from Melee Weapons in that they shoot bullets to strike opponents from afar.


Guns have no secondary attack; they are capable of only firing. Movement with guns is inhibited; guns prevent dashing, instead causing the player to roll, and some guns even prevent certain functions and limit speed.

Types of Ranged WeaponsEdit

There are seven basic types of ranged weapons. Other types, such as Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, and "Glocks", are limited to certain versions are are completely custom-made and specific to certain private servers.



Pistols are small, lightweight handguns that have a good firing rate and light damage. Also available in dual-wield versions. Pistols tend to do more HP damage than AP damage due to a high critical hit rate.


Handguns similar to pistols in looks. However, revolvers have longer cooldown times, do more damage, and have a higher critical hit rate. Revolvers are probably the most
effective ranged weapon to use for players with high accuracy and luck. Dual-wield versions are available. Revolvers also tend to do more damage on a opponents HP then AP due to a high critical hit rate.


One of the most widely used ranged weapons. Shotguns are enjoyed for their spread, which allows even slightly inaccurate players to score hits, and their high damage.
Although they appear to do lower damage than other guns, it must be considered that shotguns shoot five bullets per "attack". Shotguns have a low critical hit rate, meaning there is a very low chance that the bulk of the damage will be applied directly to the opponent's AP. Shotguns are favored by K-Stylers for their power, which is meant to be balanced with its very large delay; the techniques allow the player to skip these delays.

Sub Machine GunsEdit

Semiautomatic handguns (or SMGs) with very low accuracy but extremely low delay and respectable damage. These guns are most suited to close combat, not long-range firing. Dual-wield versions are available. SMGs do more damage per second than any other weapon if given the right conditions.sub machine guns like walcom gives more damage than ellan and renard.



Automatic rifles have larger clips than SMGs and do more damage, but weigh more and have slightly higher delay. They are slightly more accurate long-range than SMGs.


Machine GunsEdit

Heavy automatic rifles with extremely large clips (but usually low magazine count), respectable damage, slightly higher delay than rifles, high weight, and extremely poor accuracy. Some functions, such as wall-climbing, are eliminated, and speed is greatly reduced. Machine guns are also a favored weapon for questing as they have massive clip sizes ideal for defeating mobs of NPCs without reloading too often. Machine guns have 120/120 bullet count and are great offensive weapons against bosses


Rocket LaunchersEdit

Rocket Launchers are a unique type of gun. Instead of shooting normal bullets, they shoot rockets, which shoot in a straight line but, on impact, give a grenade-like effect. Also, unlike other guns, the projectiles are significantly slower; a rocket, once sighted, can easily be dodged. Like Machine Guns, some functions of speed and movement are reduced.

It is important for a Rocket user to aim not where an opponent is, but where he will be. Rockets also have an AoE splash damage effect (like grenades) and thus absolute accuracy is not required.but i recommend not to use rockets to a quest because it not give too much damage to the boss specially when you are on the quest on palmpow.

Sniper RiflesEdit

These weapons require right clicking to scope, and then fire. They have extremely high accuracy, and high damage. Sniper rifles were never properly coded into the game by MAIET, and thus Sniper Rifles are only coded into Korean GunZ (KGunZ). However, many private servers have implemented them despite the improper coding.

In-game Footage Edit