Highhaven layout

High Haven, seen from a bird's eye POV.

High Haven is a GunZ map. It contains two separate circular buildings connected by a bridge. The map actually consists of two levels- one is below the bridge itself, with various entrances from above and the two buildings. Scattered throughout the bridge are pillars and blocks that can hinder movement and provide cover. One building has a ramp starting from the bridge that leads to the top of the building. All of the edges on the map lead to Hell.

High Haven is notable in that this was the easiest map to do "The Elevator" glitch, thus prompting developers to work on a fix for it. Players would exploit the glitch to climb from the basement floor up through a hole to the roofs of the buildings (which are otherwise inaccessible).

Origins Edit

Indev 01

A picture of High Haven in development.

High Haven was created by IJJI player Alvin Quach for a contest sponsored by [ NHN USA][1]

Quach's original submission can be found here.

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