Want to become an admin? All that we have to do is check a little box and you can get tools for blocking, rollbacking, and all sorts of useful stuff. Sound good? We think so.

However, there's some rules. You must meet all of the following guidelines to be considered

  • You must have a registered account.
  • You must have been editing at this wiki for at least three weeks on that account.
  • You must have at least 200 constructive edits on that account.
  • You must not have been blocked. Ever. On that account, that is.
  • There must be a consensus between the active Bureaucrats.
    • Spelling and grammar will definitely boost your professional look and swing the vote in your way.

And that's it! If you've met all these requirements, a bureaucrat will notify you and give you Administrator privileges.

Test One. Add requests at the BOTTOM of this page, following the example.


This is an example request. A short introduction to why you would like to join the Admin team would be great here, as well as any relevant background information.

A final little conclusion would go nicely here. Be sure to sign your post!