SHOOP This section or article is related to private servers. Please see the gunz.wikia policy on private servers before making any edits to this page.

This article deals with private servers of GunZ: The Duel and is considered policy and holy scripture for all editors of the GunZ Wikia until the current leadership is disposed of and exiled.

  1. We are not here to debate the legality of private servers.
  2. Private servers, like any official server, are related to GunZ: The Duel and are thus noteworthy.
    1. Minor information, such as the thoughts of owners and their hobbies, will not be considered noteworthy and thus removed.
    2. Noteworthiness is determined by the operating Admins. Disputes between Admins will be resolved either amongst themselves or by Wikia officials.
  3. Information about private servers will be written about.
  4. Images from private servers may be uploaded.
  5. Any efforts to remove private server-related material or debate the legality of the aforementioned material will be discouraged.
  6. Unless especially important, private server data should remain on their respective pages. For example, don't create an article for a Zabimaru Large Sword.

TL;DR We like private servers.

Something to recognize is that private server data is the least likely to be fully updated. With the number of people that comprise this community (currently:1.5), you can't expect things to be at all current. Take all information presented here with some skepticism and do some research on your own.