There are several Game Modes available in GunZ: The Duel. Each has its own set of forced rules


The most "basic" mode. All weapons and side items are permitted, and there are no teams. Players spawn five seconds after death.

Team DeathmatchEdit

A team game in which the team with the last surviving member wins the round. Dead players must wait until the round ends to play again. All weapons and side items are permitted.

Attack and Defend
A special type of TDM, usually played in Mansion. See here.

Team Deathmatch + ExtremeEdit

Similar to Team Deathmatch, except that there are no rounds and players spawn in their team base five seconds after they die. The goal is for one team to accrue a certain number of kills. All weapons and side items are permitted.


Similar to Deathmatch, but the use of Ranged Weapons, Recovery items, and Grenades are restricted.

Team GladiatorEdit

A combination of TDM and Gladiator.


Similar to a TDM. However, in Assassination, one player on each team is chosen as the "Boss", and the round ends when one of the Bosses die.


Same as Deathmatch, but there is no gain or loss in EXP. For more relaxed gaming.


Up to four players can play as a team against groups of assorted monsters for several rounds. Certain item combinations can be used to unlock different Quests.