GunZ: The Duel

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Looking for an active admin

What with college applications and AP classes, I haven't been playing GunZ at all and thus am completely out of touch with the game itself. I'm sticking around to revert vandalism and the like, but we really need someone to adopt this wiki. There isn't really much filling the niche of GunZ information on the net yet, especially regarding private servers (which this wiki documents) so you could become the start of something truly amazing and memorable. If you're interested, and if you're a GunZ player who wants to leave his mark on the community, I can't see how you wouldn't be, leave me a message. All I ask is that you have been registered for at least ten days, and have made constructive edits all of those ten days. It can be a single edit per day and you will fulfill the requirements. You will be given full privileges equal to myself, no questions asked. I don't want to sound desperate here, but I really see this wiki as being on the verge of achieving great success.  Aaron  ► 

GunZ: The Second Duel

Information has been released on the sequel and I'll start adding information come mid-July. A comprehensive wiki with two portals is the wiki norm. No objections?

- Fidei Defensor - 16:09, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

Revival of the Wiki

Hey there. I am looking to revive the wiki. GunZ is still an active game spread across different servers. Would love to get the content up to date and even add new content too. If you would like to contribute then please do, however any spam or advertising in wrong places will be removed.

If you want to advertise your private server there is a place for that. If you also feel you can make a page for your server with loads of information then go ahead!