Armors are equipments that can add Armor Points (AP) to oneself to allow more damage to be inflicted on oneself before dying and ensure a higher rate of survival.


There are armors for head, hand, body, hands, legs and feet. Headgear is only available through Quest mode and using the Premium Item shop. A set is formed with all these armor.

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Weapons are equipments that can damage the enemy.

Melee WeaponsEdit

A Melee Weapon is a weapon which require a close distance to hit, unlike Ranged Weapon.

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Ranged WeaponsEdit

A Ranged Weapon is a weapon which do not require a close distance to hit, unlike Melee Weapons, making them more versatile. However, they require ammunition.


Items are all equipment that do not include armors and weapons.

Characteristics of EquipmentsEdit

Exclusive SlotEdit

Every character has 12 slots, which means, for every character, 12 different equipment can be put on the character. All the items have different slots that fit them. For example, you cannot put a gun in the shirt slot.

Gender RestrictionEdit

Some equipment (especially armor) are exclusively designed for female or male. In case of those items designated exclusively for one gender, there is no way to make those in the opposite gender be equipped with them. Examples include sets.

Level RestrictionEdit

Some items may restrict the level of the users that can use them in order to prevent characters of too low levels from using them. So make sure to check whether you are able to use the item before buying one.


All the items have certain weight values. The human character of the GunZ can carry items as heavy as up to 100wt. You are not allowed to possess items above this weight limit and make sure to distribute the weight evenly as most of the excellent quality weapons and defense devices are quite heavy in line with their performance.

Special EffectEdit

Some items have special capabilities.

   * HP: It can improve your maximum HP(Health Point) to a certain degree.
   * AP: It can improve your AP(Armor Point) to a certain degree.
   * MAX WT.: It can improve the maximum weight that you can carry.
   * FR: Deals damage over time, starting with AP.
   * CR: Slows down an opponent and disables dashing.
   * PR: Deals damage over time, directly to HP.
   * LR: Shocks the enemy, suspending them in the air for a short time.

Special MovementEdit

Some items, for example rocket launchers and machine guns, restrict Basic Techniques.