The Deities Aura set, worn by people who believed in the power of god to help them with their problems and battles.

Considerably lightweight and very good on the stat bonuses, the Deities Aura set is popular for its versatility in character configuration.


Lightweight yet hefty on bonuses, the Deities Aura set is amongst the top 5 premium sets in GunZ.

Specific DetailsEdit

  • Deities Aura Headset: 3HP/ 10AP/ 4Weight
  • Deities Aura Upper Garment: 5HP/ 26AP/ 16Weight
  • Deities Aura Gloves: 3HP/ 16AP/ 5Weight
  • Deities Aura Skirt: 4HP/ 28AP/ 15Weight
  • Deities Aura Shoes: 2HP/ 20AP/ 5Weight
  • Total Stats: 117HP/ 100AP/ 45 Weight
  • Level 25 Required.