GunZ: The Duel

Dash Commands

These are some basic commands for Gunz. You must place the code in the text box (which is also used for chatting). Some codes require for you to be in-game to use.

General Commands

The following are General commands for Gunz.

/help or /h or /h <command>

Help you show the commands.

/whisper <character name> <what to say> (or /w) Whisper player In-Game, you can type /r (then press space) to reply to the whisper of a player.
/qj (or /go) Quick joins a room.
/kick kick >> >player<
/vote kick <anyone you want> Type /vote kick <anyone you want / player> to kick.
/taunt Your character will taunt.
/salute Your character will salute.
/wave Your character will wave.
/laugh Your character will laugh.
/cry Character cries. (Supported in games only)
/dance Your character will dance.
/suicide Your character will suicide.

Clan Commands

Command Output
/clan open <Clan Name> <Member #1> <Member #2> <Member #3> <Member #4> Start a new clan with 4 members.
/clan close <clan name> Close the clan currently open. Only the Clan Master can use this command.
/clan invite <character name> Accept the designated character as a new member. Only the Clan Master or the clan operator can use this command.
/clan leave Voluntarily withdraw from the clan. However, the clan master him(her)self cannot withdraw.
/clan dismiss <character name> Force the designated character to secede from the clan. Only the Clan Master or the clan operator can use this command.
/clan promote <character name> <authority> Change the authority of the selected character within the clan. Indicate "admin" or "member" in <authority>. (Ex: /clan promote David admin)

WARNING: "admin" is different with Clan Master.

/clan msg or # <message> Enter a dialogue in the clan chatting channel. You can clan chat easily by attaching # in front of a dialogue when not using this command.

Admin commands



/admin_halt Stops the server
/jjang <name> Give the character an Event Winner sign
/admin_ban <name> Disconnects the player from the server
/admin_wall Makes a server announcement.
/removejjang <name> Takes the jjang away from the character.
/changemaster Changes the master for the game to yourself. (Only works in gameroom)
/changepassword (pass) Changes the password of the game. (Only works in gameroom)
/hide Hides from all players. Allows for "watching" functionality (similar to being on a player's team but being dead)
/admin_switch_laddergame <1,0> Enable or disable clan matches

Color Commands

The following commands are put in front of your messages to make them colorful. You must put ^#(then message here). # can be any number 0-9.

Command Output
game 33
^0 staff
^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Blue
^4 Yellow
^5 Dark Red
^6 Dark Green
^7 Dark Blue
^8 Dark Yellow